FOLIX soil root fertilization and soil fertilizer

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FOLIX soil root fertilization and soil fertilizer

FOLIX soil root fertilization and soil fertilizerFOLIX is a very different and strong external liquid fertilizer that, as its name implies, causes rooting in the plant by improving the soil, and by strengthening the soil and finally the roots of plants. Helps the plant to leaf, flower and also bear fruit faster.

Most of the constituents of follicle-rooting liquid fertilizer are phosphorus, which plays an essential role in photosynthesis, cell division, plant respiration, energy storage and transfer, and so on, by delivering the nutrients needed by the soil.
This fertilizer is one of the best agricultural fertilizers in Europe, which is in the category of organic or organic fertilizers as well as liquid fertilizers. In the following, we will get acquainted with its characteristics as well as its use time in different agricultural lands.

Application of liquid rooting fertilizer and soil modification FOLIX
• Accelerate the rooting of various plants, including censorship and …
• Accelerate plant cuttings
• Prevent mold on the cut part for cutting
• Increase the yield of crops and horticulture
• Enhances chemical and physiological properties
• Increase soil moisture
• Care of plants and trees against frost
• Take care of plants, flowers and plants from invasive fungi and lichens
• Bicarbonate remover
• Can be used in all types of irrigation, including flood irrigation

Benefits of FOLIX soil fertilization and soil remediation
• Quality in rooting due to the speed of rooting in the plant
• Contains magnesium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, sulfur and …
• Create more freshness in plants and trees
• Soil Improvement
• No harm to humans and animals
• Facilitate the flow of weather in flowers and plants
• No harm to the environment and harmful chemicals
Eliminates toxic fungi, parasites and bacteria
• Darkening the soil and thus absorbing more solar energy
• Resistant to environmental stresses, soil salinity and water shortage

The amount and method of application of root fertilizer and soil modification FOLIX soil
• fruit trees
This fertilizer is added to the irrigation system in fruit trees at the rate of 4-6 liters per hectare and finally injected into the soil.

• Greenhouses and ornamental plants
Folix fertilizer is used in summer and greenhouse cultivation lands and ornamental plants in the amount of 1-5 liters per 1000 square meters.

• Crops
The amount of folic fertilizer used in agricultural lands is between 5 to 3 liters per hectare.

• ۳% nitrogen
The role of nitrogen in the growth and development of plants is very effective because nitrogen is one of the main elements of amino acids and prevents the plant from wilting and yellowing. This element also causes the growth and proliferation of plant cells and eventually the rapid and correct growth of the whole plant.

• ۱۲% organic carbon
As you know, organic matter in the soil comes from the remains of animals, plants and even humans. This substance is important for soil fertility and ultimately plant growth. Some botanists refer to this substance as the heart of sustainable agriculture.

• ۷% potassium
Potassium is one of the essential elements in the growth, reproduction and resistance of plants to cold and heat. This element, like phosphorus and nitrogen, plays a major role in plant growth. In the absence or deficiency of potassium, the plant’s resistance to environmental stresses decreases and as a result, you will not achieve your ideal result in agriculture.

Of course, this fertilizer is not only composed of these three elements and also contains iron chelate, zinc and other essential substances for the soil.
To buy liquid fertilizer for rooting and improving foreign soil, you can contact our technical experts through the following communication channels, and finally enjoy our free consultation during the process of planting, harvesting and selling the product. This fertilizer is in one liter and is made in Spain.
• Contact technical experts via phone numbers 021- 44851532—۴۴۸۱۹۳۷۱—۴۴۸۳۲۷۶۶
• Contact via Instagram to @aidinchem
• Call via telegram to @adakshimiaidin

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