Liquid organic fertilizer for fish BIOJUX

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Liquid organic fertilizer for fish BIOJUX

Liquid organic fertilizer for fish BIOJUX
Liquid organic fertilizer BIOJUX is a quality organic fertilizer obtained by decomposed hydrolysis. This method does not use heat at all and therefore the fertilizer is rich in a variety of vitamins, proteins and amino acids required by the plant.
This fertilizer is in the category of liquid agricultural and garden fertilizers and its unique feature compared to other fertilizers is that it is one of the European fertilizers and is from Spain. This fertilizer strengthens the soil and by injecting it into the soil, it meets all the needs of plants.

Characteristics of BIOJUX fish liquid organic fertilizer
Each fertilizer is identified by its positive and unique characteristics among farmers and experts in this field. Characteristics are the factors that distinguish one fertilizer from other fertilizers. Of course, customer satisfaction is not ineffective in this regard. Liquid organic fish fertilizer is one of the fertilizers that has brought complete customer satisfaction and is one of the well-known fertilizers of Adak Shimi Aydin Company.

• Soil organic matter enhancer
• Increase beneficial soil microorganisms
• Helps absorb high levels of nutrients by the roots
• Decreased soil acidity or pH
• Soil improvement and soil improvement
• Increase plant resistance to environmental stresses

Application of BIOJUX liquid fish organic fertilizer
Liquid organic fish manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, each of which is a key element for plant growth of roots, leaves and fruit. This fertilizer is composed without any chemicals and is originally produced from fish waste and waste left over from them. This fertilizer has special applications and importance in agricultural lands and agricultural science, which we will briefly introduce.
• Strengthen the roots and their expansion
• More plant yield speed
• Strengthening the plant against pathogens
• More mobility of calcium needed in the soil
• Increase of organic matter and absorption of soil elements in the soil
• More flowering of the plant
• Used in irrigation in high volumes
• Used in irrigation in high volumes
• Add buffering properties in the soil
• Soil improvement and remediation
• Decreased adhesion strength in clay soils and increased adhesion strength in sandy soils
• Darken the soil and thus help absorb more solar energy
• Increase permeability speed
• Provide proper soil ventilation

Liquid organic fertilizer ingredients BIOJUX
As mentioned above, fish manure is obtained from fish waste and their waste. In some cases, this fertilizer is composed of the heart and intestines and internal components of fish, which contain countless amounts of vitamins and proteins.
Both vitamins and proteins are effective in the rapid growth of the plant and the fertility of the earth, and therefore meet all the needs of the plant for better and faster growth. Of course, the main ingredients of liquid fish fertilizer include phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, calcium, manganese, vitamins, etc.

• Properties of potassium in fertilizers
Lack of potassium in the soil causes factors such as plant vulnerability, low resistance of plants to environmental stresses and many other cases. Liquid fish manure is one of the useful soil fertilizers that has a high amount of potassium, causes plant strength, good plant growth and reproduction, as well as overall plant health.

• Properties of phosphorus in fertilizers
Phosphorus is also one of the main and influential elements in the soil, which is responsible for absorbing solar energy and converting it into plant nutrients. Liquid fish manure is one of the useful European soil fertilizers that has significant amounts of phosphorus.

For information on how to use liquid fish organic fertilizer in farms, gardens and also how to use it, our experts are at your service every day to provide the necessary advice to your loved ones completely free of charge.
Ways to communicate with technical experts and receive specialized advice:
• Contact technical experts via phone numbers 021- 44851532—۴۴۸۱۹۳۷۱—۴۴۸۳۲۷۶۶
• Contact via Instagram to @aidinchem
• Call via telegram to @adakshimiaidin

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